On The Issues

Public Schools

As a high school teacher, I know that a quality public education opens the doors of opportunity to Tennessee's youth. Under the current administration, academic enrichment like the arts and music, special education, and funding for teacher training is at risk. I will fight to fully fund education programs that benefit students, while eliminating wasteful spending on things that don't.


In the 4th Congressional District, 63,600 people will lose health coverage if we repeal the ACA without introducing a replacement plan. The Expanded and Improved Medicare For All Act (HR 676) puts healthcare back in the hands of the physician and patient, where it belongs and out of the hands of employers and insurance companies. By stream-lining management of care, it will save both money and lives. Let's stop talking about health insurance and get back to health care. It's fiscally responsible and morally just.

Higher Ed

Tennessee has made a promise to keep college affordable, but we rely on federal money to support this promise. A well-educated workforce increases economic opportunities and advancement, stimulates the economy, and increases overall quality of life. We must keep these opportunities available for those within Tennessee and I will ensure that we can continue to keep that promise to future Tennesseans.

Rural Broadband

In our economy, people are expected to work and go to school from anywhere.  With high speed internet, coffee shop classrooms and home offices are the new normal.  But in many rural communities, big corporations refuse to extend access because it doesn't make them enough money. Broadband should be a public utility, not something controlled by the monopolies of big business.


Elected officials should represent all constituents! Our Representative continues to collect a government check but doesn't do the work to earn it.  He has passed no legislation and votes along a narrow agenda, one which he feels doesn't apply to him. I believe the best way to govern requires us to listen to those who think differently than us, and seek common ground. As a Representative of District 4, I will meet with constituents, to understand what is best for the people, and work hard to pass legislation that works hard for Tennessee.

Open Spaces

We can never replace the beauty of open spaces. It is vital to our communities that we maintain wetlands, forests, and local, state, and national parks. Tennessee has 85 Natural Areas that we use for boating, hiking, fishing, and exploring that we need to keep available to the public. Not only do these spaces offer recreational opportunities, but they help to maintain an environmental balance to protect the natural habitats of our Tennessee Wildlife. We deserve to have access to these resources, which must be protected from privatization and development so that our children and grandchildren can celebrate the beauty of our state. I will fight for funding to protect federal public land and funding to states to maintain Tennessee's natural beauty.