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Mariah Phillips Announces Endorsement from Congressman Jim Cooper  

Mariah Phillips Announces Endorsement from Congressman Jim Cooper

The Shelbyville native says Congress would benefit from more teachers who will focus on solving problems for Tennessee families

SHELBYVILLE, TN – Mariah Phillips is proud to announce the endorsement of Tennessee's 5th District Congressman and Shelbyville native Jim Cooper in the 4th District race against Rep. Scott DesJarlais.

Cooper said, “Mariah is one of the hardest working candidates I've ever seen. Teachers understand the challenges our families and communities are dealing with and they know how to fix them.  She would be a great Member of Congress, and I’m proud to support her candidacy.”

Phillips is a first time candidate who previously taught US Government and Personal Finance in an alternative school in Murfreesboro.

“I've watched Congress become more and more dysfunctional over the years, but one person who has always tried to stay above the fray and focus on good policy making is Rep. Jim Cooper. I'm proud to have his endorsement and look forward to helping him break the gridlock in Washington if I'm elected,” Phillips said.

Phillips is also endorsed by former Congressman Bob Clement, the Tennessee AFL-CIO and the People's House Project. Phillips has outraised her incumbent opponent for two consecutive quarters.